Water Pressure

At Easton Suburban Water Authority, our goal is to provide you with water at a sufficient pressure to meet your home and business needs. Our system is an "open" system, in that we use the earth's natural gravity to pressurize the water in our system. The only pumping we do is to pump water into our storage tanks. Our tanks are built at a sufficient height above sea level to cause the water to naturally push down, forcing the water into the piping system. Because of this gravity-fed system, the water pressure throughout our service area varies.

If you notice a sudden change in water pressure, you may want to check your piping to see if you have some plumbing valves that have mistakenly been closed or partially closed. If you have a water filter, you may also want to change your filter cartridge. If you can isolate the low pressure to one area -- at your kitchen sink, for example -- you can also remove and clean the aerator on your faucet to help improve water pressure.

Another reason you may experience a sudden change in water pressure is if there is a water main break or if someone has hooked up to a fire hydrant to pull water for an emergency. Only Easton Suburban Water Authority employees or trained fire fighting personnel are authorized to use a hydrant.

Whenever you experience a sudden change in water pressure, you should call our office at 610-258-7181 to report it.