Mary Kennon Mary Kennon was appointed to the Easton Suburban Water Authority in June 2014 and serves on the Personnel and Pension committees.

Mrs. Kennon is currently employed as Vice President Customer Experience at magicJack, a leading Voice over IP VOIP) company, and has worked in the telecom industry for over 35 years. She was previously Director of Client Invoice Services for AT&T from 2000 - 2007, and served as Director of Human Resources and Customer Care for Tel-Save from 1994 - 1999. Mrs. Kennon launched her telecom career at Western Electric and held a variety of positions with increasing responsibility, eventually being named as the Operations Manager to support resellers of long distance services.

Originally from St. Louis, MO, Mrs. Kennon moved with her family to New Jersey in 1990 and eventually settled in Easton in 2003. Mrs. Kennon, along with her husband Ken are active in the Easton community, providing support to Safe Harbor, as well as, Homeless Solutions, a New Jersey homeless shelter. They have 3 children and 2 grandchildren.