Upon failure to pay the full amount of the bill, including any and all balances, on or before the date appearing on the face of the bill, the privilege of payment of the net amount, as payment in full for future bills, is forfeited until the balance is fully paid. Water bills that remain unpaid beyond the date appearing on the face of the bill are considered to be delinquent. Delinquency constitutes grounds for discontinuance of water service.

Easton Suburban Water Authority reserves the right to shut off water for non-payment of water bills, or for neglect or refusal to comply with the Rules and Regulations of the Authority, after first giving you 10 days notice in writing of such proposed action. Water service terminated for non-payment will not be restored until the delinquent bills and Water Service Restoration Fee are paid.

Debt Recovery Action
Easton Suburban Water Authority will make all reasonable efforts to help you pay your account. However, if you have not paid your bill following the receipt of a final notice, then ESWA may take legal action or restrict your water supply.

Restoring Supply
ESWA will reinstate its supply of restricted services on the payment of all delinquent water bills and outstanding fees and charges, including the Water Service Restoration Fee. In extenuating circumstances, we may choose to reinstate your water supply by the establishment of a mutually agreeable arrangement for the payment of outstanding amounts.