Billing Rates
Easton Suburban Water Authority is committed to providing quality water and value-added services at an affordable rate. The need to maintain our facilities and infrastructure to the highest standards and meet the requirements of the Federal Environmental Protection Agency and Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, means that rate increases will periodically occur.

Effective January 1, 2020, Easton Suburban Water Authority will be increasing its metered water rates. This web page will help explain the rate increases and why they are necessary.

The water rate increases are driven by:

      Capital improvement projects. Proactive renovations are needed to ensure that our aging water infrastructure system remains in the best possible condition. These projects consist of the removal and replacement of existing aging pipelines and facilities in order to meet acceptable standards and to prevent costly emergency repairs.

      Debt service. Water Treatment, pump station and storage tank projects in recent years have been required due to expansion, rehabilitation and Federal and State requirements. The rehabilitation costs and the associated debt service needs to be covered by rates.

Two charges appear on your bill, a service charge and a usage charge. The service charge is a flat rate based on the size of your meter and the length of your billing cycle. The usage charge is the amount you pay per unit of water and is based on the actual amount of water you use as measured by your water meter.

      Service charge. The chart below shows the rates for the service charge. These are fixed fees that more equitably distribute the cost of service that is not related to the volume of water used. These costs include capital improvements and operation and maintenance. The current charge is $24.00 per quarter for a 5/8" meter.

      Usage charge. The usage charge is currently $4.65 / 100 CF. The revenue from consumption pays for capital improvements and operational and maintenance costs associated with the amount of water delivered to your home or business.
Billing Rates

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