Backflow Prevention by Containment and Cross-Connection Controp Program

Easton Suburban Water Authority is proud of its accomplishments in providing customers with safe quality drinking water. However, once that quality water has been produced and put into the distribution system, precautions must be taken to make sure that water is not contaminated from other sources, including backflow and cross connection.

The term "backflow" refers to the condition when water flows in the opposite, or reverse, direction it was intended to travel within a piping system. This reversal of flow could allow water that is compromised with other liquids, gasses or contaminated substances, to enter the potable water system. Backflow is caused by either backpressure or backsiphonage.

"Cross connections" are the physical connections or arrangements between the drinking water supply and a residential, commercial or industrial facility's piping system containing water or substances of unknown or questionable quality.

Protecting the potable water supply from both backflow and cross connection is mandated by the Safe Drinking Water Act. As per these requirements, the Authority has established a Backflow Prevention by Containment and Cross Connection Control Program to protect your water supply from substances that could endanger public health or physically damage the distribution system.

Under the program, customers share a joint responsibility and legal obligation to prevent contamination originating on the customer property. Customers are required to use independent, certified and approved professionals to inspect plumbing, install and test backflow prevention devices designed to prevent any backwards flow of water, and record all results once those devices are installed.

Protecting our potable water supply is of greatest importance to all of us. Please help us by doing your part to prevent backflow and cross connection contamination. For more information, click here to review the backflow prevention program. Or, call 610-258-7181 to discuss backflow prevention with the Authority's Quality Control manager.

ESWA Backflow Assembly Test Forms
Double Check Valve Backflow Prevention Assembly Form
Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assembly Form
Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Preventer Assembly Form